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Wątek: TSO - Symulator walki

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    TSO - Symulator walki


    I am the author of the battle simulator http://settlersonlinesimulator.com/d...fsimulator/pl/ which is very popular in germany, united kingdom, france and russia.
    If you have any problems or questions about the simulator, just ask. I will try to answer all of your questions.

    If anybody wants to help translating the names of the units and adventures, please leave a short message with the translations.


    Tutorial (polish): http://forum.thesettlersonline.pl/th...lkulator-walki

    1. Basic functions

    1.1 Simulate battle

    Give your units into the simulator and also the enemy units and click on "Simulate battle". Then the battle is currently being simulated 50x and displays the result. Have you already carried out other users from the same simulation, the number of the performed simulations can also be higher. To obtain the most reliable results, the simulations should be performed as often. Click repeatedly on the button "combat simulation" to increase the number of currently up to 1000.
    Experience has shown that this value is more than sufficient to provide reliable results.

    Let us therefore fight by 10 recruits and 15 archers against 10 scavengers:

    1.2 The simulation result

    After clicking on the "fight simulate" the browser window is centered on the simulation results. It ehält information about the minimum, maximum and average losses of its own and the enemy units.
    Furthermore, displays the number of simulations carried out for this fight (in this case, 150), the minimum, maximum and average number of combat rounds, and the expected experience points (EP).

    By clicking on "Spent Resources" you can also see what goods they will lose this fight.

    1.3 Advanced functions

    You scroll down a bit in the simulation result, you will come across a link to the "Simulations of other users." There, all simulations are listed, which were conducted over a period of several hours from other users for exactly this enemy camp (10 raiders). Often there is unity constellations that are more suitable opponent for the camp than the one we chose above in the simulator (10 recruit 15 archers).

    As a further aid, the simulation can be performed even link to be able to show, for example, here in the forum or to refer to it elsewhere. This generates a link that appears below the simulation results.

    1.4 The example simulation

    You scroll a little further down, you come across the word "sample simulation." Clicking on it opens the course of a simulation carried out for this fight. Further details can be obtained by clicking on Show "On the Divided damage" and "intermediate result". Using the example simulation can be easily and struggles to understand in detail.

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